Florida early voting: Florida Governor Rick Scott is calling for expanded early voting days

Gov. Rick Scott (R) is calling for expanded early voting hours just two years after a signed a controversial bill limiting them.

"We need shorter ballots. We need more early voting days, which should include an option of the Sunday before Election Day. And, we need more early voting locations," said Scott, in a statement released to the media.

Palm Beach Co. Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher is calling it a win for every Floridian who stood on long lines to cast their ballot in November.

"The large presidential election demonstrated that those laws don't work in the state of Florida especially in large counties. I'm pleased to know that there is acknowledgement that they will back up and do the right thing for the voters and not just say I'm sticking to my guns because that's what we said we wanted."

Long lines at the polls not only made voters angry, but they also angered supervisors of elections who testified this week in Tallahassee.

The 2011 voting laws that were passed by Republicans and signed by Governor Scott cut in half the number of early voting days.

Scott and GOP leaders said the laws were necessary to save money and limit voter fraud, but critics said those laws were a backhanded attempt to suppress votes in Democratic-leaning, African-American communities.

The governor says he wants a bi-partisan group in the legislature to spearhead this effort.

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