Fake letters on voter eligibility sent to Florida Republicans, Democrats

 Letters are popping up in Florida mailboxes that tell the recipient, he or she is ineligible to vote. The letters capitalize on the state's efforts to remove non-citizens from the voting rolls. They use the recipient's legal name and claim they're citizenship status is in question.  

The letters have been sent to voters in about two dozen counties so far.  They're printed on official looking letterhead, specific to each county's supervisor of elections.

Governor Rick Scott says the voter intimidation tactics are illegal and won't be tolerated.
"Anytime anybody's trying to prevent somebody from voting that's a serious issue so in our state we have zero tolerance.  We want everybody to vote."

FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey says investigators are carefully studying the letters. "Executive Investigations who does all the elections type investigations are looking through those now."

One clue, Bailey said, all of them were postmarked in the same city. "They were mailed to a variety of county elections supervisors out of Seattle, Washington."

The letters were showing up in the mailboxes of registered Republicans at first.  Secretary of State Ken Detzner says now voters in both parties are receiving the messages. "Initially we found that it is targeting Republicans, but there are Democrats in there so it's a broad-based effort to defraud Florida voters."

Anyone who receives a similar letter is being asked to call their supervisor of elections.
FDLE is working to seek out the source of the letters, but Commissioner Bailey says it's not likely to happen in time to stop them before the General Election.  The Florida Division of Elections has a voter fraud hotline set up for people who receive the messages.  The number is 1-877-868-3737. There's also a website http://election.dos.state.fl.us/rules/adopted-rules/pdf/dsde34.pdf

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