Election 2012 issues: Malfunctioning machines cause delays

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- As voters continue to flock to the polls to cast their ballots, some machines have malfunctioned causing issues for voters.

Early in the morning, voters said the machine collecting ballots at Boca Raton Elementary was not working from 7 to about 10. Voters were forced to place their ballots into a box.
One voter said later the problem was resolved by putting the ballots into another machine.
The clerk at the polling location said everything was running smoothly around 11 a.m.
Voters are still placing their ballots into boxes and coolers at the Church of the Palms in Delray Beach off 1909 N. Swinton Avenue. 
A worker at the site told voters the machine stopped working around 10:30 a.m. and has yet to be fixed.
A technician was brought out to fix the issue by bringing another machine, but one of the workers said that didn't help.
Some voters waited hours before finally placing their ballots into the box, while others refused and went home until the problem was fixed.
The worker at the site said they're still waiting for a third IT person to show up to help fix the problem.
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