Democratic National Convention: Florida delegates 'on message'

There are rarely surprises at tightly scripted, modern day political conventions. It is all about the messaging. The party faithful under the tent hope the media megaphone will find converts outside that tent.

Florida delegates to the Democratic National Convention stayed "on message" opening night -after some of their party pros stumbled over the past weekend when asked whether Americans are better off than they were four years ago.

Joel Stieglitz, a retired schoolteacher living in Boynton Beach thinks so. And he adds, "It might be a lot better if Republicans cooperated and did not try to block everything he (Obama) tried to accomplish."

Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson knows the president's re-election, and his own, ultimately depend on how people feel about their pocketbooks.

Nelson faces Republican challenger Connie Mack this fall. Senator Nelson was quick to say, "Now, for the last 29 months we have seen job growth, we are coming out of the abyss."

In two months Floridians and voters across the U.S. will offer their verdict on which political leaders they believe are best suited to keep delivering on that challenge.

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