Dave Weldon will campaign for Congressman Connie Mack

He conceded the race at 9:30 Tuesday night

MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. - Former Congressman Dave Weldon said he will  be campaigning for his competitor after conceding in the Republican Senate Primary on Tuesday night.

The physician called Congressman Mack at about 9:30 to concede and to congratulate him.  The candidate was able to carry his home county of Brevard but not the rest of the state.

Weldon said the race he started just three months ago had been an uphill battle.

"I got in late and I didn't have the funds I really needed to communicate to the people in the state," he said.  "It's a huge state with 67 counties and more than 19 million people and trying to get a message out in a big state like that this late is too hard to do," he said.

The candidate believes it will be a tough race come November.

"I think it's going to be a tough race for Bill Nelson to defeat Connie Mack," he said.  "Bill Nelson voted for the stimulus bill that hasn't created any jobs, we have high unemployment."

Weldon said he looks forward to getting some well needed sleep and to returning to his medical practice.

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