Congressman Allen West hails President's visit as missed opportunity

STUART, Fla. - President Obama's visit to Florida Atlantic University was a big hit among democrats but for Republicans like Congressman Allen West, President Obama's stop in Florida was a missed opportunity.

Congressman West said the President's speech was pretty bland and he would have rather seen the president focus on small businesses.

The "Buffett Rule" in West's eyes is not effective and takes away the incentive for citizens to put themselves out there to aspire to be successful.

West said the "Buffett Rule" will squash the entrepreneur spirit of America.

"What was hope and change in 2008, has really become divide and rule and I would rather have the president come down here and talk to small business owners which are the backbone of this country," said West.

Congressman West said President Obama's economic plans do nothing to create jobs, alleviate high gas prices or increase opportunities for all types of people.

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