Carl Domino declares victory; to face Patrick Murphy for U.S. Congress

STUART, Fla. - As people gathered inside at Uncle Giuseppe's in Stuart, Carl Domino was outside, on the phone.

Domino, who served in the Florida House, told people as they arrived, that he was nervous about tonight's results.  But he was certain about why he was running. "I truly believe this country is going in the wrong direction."

Domino was one of six candidates in the Republican primary. “This is a district whose values are closer to mine than the current Congressman."

All the candidates we spoke with came out against All Aboard Florida.

"We have the train, we have to stop the train and make sure it doesn't get funded,” Brian Lara said.

With so many people running, no one was going to get a majority vote.

“I will endorse whoever wins this primary and work hard to defeat Patrick Murphy in the fall,” said Alan Schlesinger.

As of 10 p.m. all the votes had not been counted, but with a commanding lead Domino declared himself the winner.

"It's gonna be hard.  He's (his opponent Patrick Murphy) got a lot of money.  He's got TV time but guess what? I'm up for this," Domino said.

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