Lynn University in Boca Raton to host last presidential debate in 2012

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced Monday that Lynn University in Boca Raton will host the final clash between President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger.

Professors are already predicting it will be the biggest thing to ever happen at Lynn University.

The Wold Performing Arts Center will be the center of the political universe on Oct. 22, 2012.

"This is akin to your football team winning the national championship," said politics professor Robert Watson.

Watson was on the team of Lynn faculty that successfully lobbied the Commission on Presidential Debates.

The process started a year ago, Secret Service visited in May, and it was announced Monday that Lynn beat out schools like Indiana and Wake Forest.

The third and final debate will be held at Lynn's 750-seat theatre.

"I hope people say that they were surprised by the way that, first of all, we exist," said Lynn University junior Matt Lemakos.

Watson sees the event as a huge boon to Lynn University, a school of 2,500 undergrads.

He expects the attention to result in more applicants and more donations.

"It's hard to really measure how this is going to move this institution forward. We will command world media attention for at least a week," said Watson.

But Watson says the school will have to grow between now and debate night.

He suspects a few roadways will be widened and a traffic light installed at its Military Trail entrance.

But the event won't just help the school.

"You're going to have thousands of people, reporters, professors, analysts from around the world, flying in, renting hotel rooms, rental cars, eating at our restaurants," said Watson.

Students say it's the event itself - and all the buzz that surrounds it - that they're most excited about.

"Just to hear the debate and to experience the debate, which I've never done before... I think it's going to be amazing," said Lynn University senior Daniela Santos.

Students are already asking about tickets, but with only 750 seats inside, the school public relations office says many will have to settle for watching it on live feeds.

School administrators are planning a press conference for Wednesday to announce more details.

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