Allen West, Patrick Murphy and Marilyn Davis Holloman take part in candidates forum

Issues discussed in Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce - It was standing room only at a political forum in Fort Pierce Thursday.

Republican U.S. Representative Allen West, Democrat Patrick Murphy and write-in candidate Marilyn Davis Holloman took part. It didn't take long for Representative West to talk about the hot topics in politics.

West said, "I don't support partial birth abortions and I don't think it is part of our values if you go in and dismember children in a mother's womb. And furthermore I don't believe President Obama when he says that any child who survives an abortion needs to die. I think that's heinous and I think that's infanticide. You can check."
Murphy's comments also got the audience stirred up. "The extremeness of people like my opponent Allen West calling people communist, comparing to the Nazis."

During the comment there was an outburst from a member of the audience who was then escorted out of the room by two sheriff's deputies.
Hollomon, a nurse practitioner, focused on families and economy, and on the candidates' political ads. "I am very disheartened by the amount of money that these candidates have used for their campaigns. I could have used that money for program services."
After the forum, two of the candidates spoke briefly about the audience's reaction to their political views. Murphy said, "That's what politics has come to with the name calling and I hope for a civil environment going forward."

West added, "It was a good forum, good here in Saint Lucie County in Fort Pierce, I have been here multiple of times."

As part of Democracy 2012 coverage, NewsChannel Five will be presenting a debate between Patrick Murphy and Representative Allen West. It's set for Friday, October 19th at the station's studios. You'll be able to watch the one-hour debate live at 8 p.m. on wptv and wptv,com.

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