Allen West, Patrick Murphy 2012 election results: Murphy declares victory

 PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. --  Patrick Murphy was all smiles while sitting in his office throughout the day Wednesday, answering phone calls. He says he has won the race for the 19th District Congressional seat.

His cell phone showed the outcome of the last 24 hours: a nail-biter.

"Eighty-two missed calls and 195 texts," he laughed.

Meanwhile, a lawsuit was filed by Congressman Allen West against the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Office, asking for an impound of ballots and voting machines.

"Who knows what Allen West is going to do, but we feel great about this race," Murphy said.

A campaign worker says months ago, Murphy hired lawyers with Sandler, Reiff, Young and Lamb out of Washington, D.C. knowing the election would be close. The firm's website lists a resume complete with expensive work with the Democratic National Party through several election years.

"We of course have a team of people, we are not going to just sit back, who knows what's going to happen here, but we are again very confident in this win," he said.

A representative for the campaign, Sean Dominick, was at the ballot counting location.

"I don't anticipate a recount, I think right now Patrick's got a lead that would not lead to a recount and I don't see anything that's gonna change that," Dominick said.

Murphy agrees. He says the votes tabulated in his favor exceed West's by enough to know the outcome of the race.

"That's far outside the percentage needed for whatever he wants here, so we are confident in this win," he said.

The legal team for Patrick Murphy is growing, according to a campaign worker. Murphy says so far, Allen West has not directly contacted him.

Read the lawsuit here:

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