Nelson Mandela's Death: Player's son recalls Mandela's impact

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Nelson Mandela's made an impact around the world and on people in South Florida.

Prayers were held at Redemptive Life Church in West Palm Beach.

"Thank you lord God for the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela," said minister Tav Robinson. "He was the catalyst for freedom."

The son of South Africa's golf hero, Gary Player, lives in Tequesta.

"What can you say about a man who spent 27 years in prison who shouldn't have been there?" asked Wayne Player. "Could you imagine anything worse than that? He comes out of prison and forgives everybody and he brought the whole country of South Africa together."

Player remembers when the stain of Apartheid was an embarrassment to the world.

"My dad for years and years couldn't go to Japan, couldn't go to a lot of countries because he was from South Africa," said Gary.

But when Mandela became president, the stain became pride.

Player remembered the first time a massive sporting event was integrated.

"He put a green jersey on and everybody was saying Nelson, Nelson, Nelson. Can you imagine what that meant to South Africa?"

The Riviera Beach mayor, Thomas Masters, a civil rights marcher in the 60s, says Mandela proved that non-violence has the biggest impact.

"The prison to the palace, and then forgave those that imprisoned him, and worked it out," said Masters. "That is a spirit of love and peace that we'll probably never see again."

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