Palm Beach County election night smooth, says Supervisor of Elections

Results come fast with new technology

Palm Beach County's Supervisor of Elections, Susan Bucher, is not only celebrating a second term but a smooth election night.

According to Bucher, results came in faster than she's ever experience since taking office in 2008.

Bucher attributes the success of primary night to a new approach of counting ballots.  The new approach included the use of technology to transport ballot information from remote locations.  The same technology proved successful back in January. 

Palm Beach County had been plagued with a short history of election night debacles.  In 2010, the race for Florida governor was held in limbo after some results were delayed; and who can forget the 2000 butterfly ballot debacle that resulted in a blitz of bad press for the county?

"It went very well tonight.  I believe there are some additional measures of scrutiny that will always be placed on Palm Beach County and I understand that.  I don't want to ask the people to trust me, I want to have to prove it and, I believe, that's what you saw tonight," said Bucher.

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