Palm Beach County remembers 9/11 victims

Many students are participating in events

9/11 remembrance ceremonies took place throughout Palm Beach County on Friday.  Many were intended to pay tribute to the victims of 9/11 by having children participate.  One project happened in Jennifer Tomko's 6th grade World History classes at Wellington Landings Middle School. 

11 year old Mia DeLuca was one of the students who participated.  Mia was just a baby when September 11th happened. But that didn't keep her from wanting to remember the day with artwork in the shape of a hand, representing hope.

Mia says she wants to honor "All the people who died in 9/11."

It's part of a Remembrance Wall. Tomko was inspired by the book, Legacy Letters, and encouraged her students to add to a Remembrance Tree.

Tomko says the book is based on children affected by 9/11. She explains that some of them were 7 years old and are now 17 years old. She says some were in 6th grade, like her students.

Speaking of heroes, over at the Binks Forest Golf Course, more than forty golfers played at the inaugural Honor our Heroes Golf Tournament. The money raised is intended to help those who want to follow in the footsteps of brave first responders.

Tom Clapp, the organizer for the tournament says, "Qualified applicants will receive educational grants to continue their studies either in law enforcement or fire rescue."

Students at West Boca Raton Community High School also took part in commemorating 9/11's fallen heroes a touching ceremony.

Back at Ms. Tomko's class, the students are finishing up their artwork. And even though they don't remember that fateful day in American history, they still feel the impact.

Mia says, "We're always talking about how we could've made a difference if we were older."

And now, they are making a difference.

The artwork and Remembrance Tree the children created will be turned over to the author of Legacy Letters.  He will then hand it over to the families who lost loved ones during the attacks.

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