One million acts of kindness

Be kind to one another

VERO BEACH, Fla. - Strangers stopping for a minute to talk to Bob Votruba about his school bus parked along A-1A in Vero Beach. Painted on the side of the bus are the messages like "Be kind to one another",  and "You are the change this world needs".

Bob believes if you do something nice for someone, that person will also do something nice for another individual. Eventually, the acts of kindness add up. Bob said, "I came up with a goal and that's what one million acts of kindness. It's an individual lifetime goal for each and every person. And this is big and being embraced in such a big way." 

Since last month, Bob and his dog Bogart have been traveling around the country raising awareness about teen issues. They live on the bus and rely on donations to meet their basic needs.

"I am currently on a nine thousand mile perimeter ride around the United States, addressing school bullying and teen suicide. "Like I said these kids are growing with far too much many adult type problems at a very young age, " he says.

The two will be heading to Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties next week to visit schools. "I was a builder, developer in Cleveland, Ohio. What really applied was having three kids and wanting the best for them. A safe place, caring world. A world where people are thankful for what they have," says Bob.

A man who hopes his act of kindness will be contagious.

Bob has also authored the book, "Bogart Begins His Kindness Adventure".

Bob Votruba and Bogart
One Million Acts Of Kindness

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