Olakunle Omomowo: Ex-Discovery Preschool music teacher accused of sex crimes

Lawsuit filed, alleges children weren't protected

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. - Children as young as four-years-old are coming forward and doing what can be hard for any adult, saying they are victims of sexual abuse.

Olakunle Omomowo, also known as "Mr. Ola" is behind bars charged with two child sex crimes. Children say the former Discovery Preschool music teacher inappropriately touched boys and girls while he was alone with them in class.

"It's shocking especially with such young kids," said Jennifer White, a mother picking up her child from Discovery summer camp in Coconut Creek.

"It's scary, it's not what you want to hear at a place where your child is attending," said Amanda Marion.

Discovery School representatives say Mr. Ola was taken out of the classroom and put on paid administrative leave the day a four-year-old girl came forward alleging the abuse.

Lawyers representing the child say Mr. Ola never should've been allowed to be alone with children.

"Mr. Ola would play a game, he called it the tickling game or the hug Mr. Ola game. While playing these games he would pick up the kids and put his hands into their underwear and fondle the children," said Jeff Herman, a lawyer representing an alleged child victim.

Discovery sent a letter home to parents alerting them of the allegations, and meetings were held for parents at the school.

Parents picking their kids up at camp Tuesday say those meetings weren't thorough enough.

"The family I represent is extremely concerned that there's a number of children whose parents haven't got the right information and who are not getting their children help," said Herman.

Herman filed a lawsuit Tuesday that alleges Discovery did not do enough to protect children while in class.
If your child had contact with Mr. Ola you are urged to call the Coconut Creek Police Department.

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