Jupiter Police officers, 'Good Samaritan' pull victims from burning car

All three people in car are safe

JUPITER, FLA.  Jupiter police have released dash cam video that shows a 'Good Samaritan' and officers pulling people from a burning car.

It happened Wednesday night at 10:21 in Abacoa at Scripps way and Main Street.

In the video you can see a green Cadillac, that had just crashed, engulfed in flames.

The video is from Officer Chad Smith's cruiser.

Another officer, Telly Tyson, was already on the scene.  But he wasn't the first.

"The Good Samaritan helped the front passenger out of the vehicle, who was able to walk, the front driver and back passenger were unconscious at the time so we had to break the windows with our batons, open the door and carry them out to safety," explained Officer Telly Tyson.

In the video, you can see the officers pull the victims out of the burning car.

All three survived, thanks to police and a man who stopped and put his own life in danger.

"It doesn't happen often, especially with a fully engulfed fire, so that was awesome that the Samaritan actually pulled over and helped," said Officer Tyson.

Police did not know much about the Good Samaritan, except for his name, which is Bill Baehler.

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