Obama, Romney debate: Social media guide to tonight's presidential debate

It is debate night in America and social media is already playing a major role.  Twitter and Facebook even sent teams to Denver to cover the event along with the news crews.

Here's a list of social media pages to connect and chat during the Denver Debate: 

WPTV.com: NewsChannel 5 will stream the debate live along with a simultaneous live chat. It will be right on our homepage. You will be able to ask questions and get analysis during and after the debate.

WPTV on Facebook: You can go to WPTV's Facebook page to join the conversation.

Facebook Politics Live: Facebook will broadcast interviews during the debate on its politics page .

Twitter: The official Twitter hashtags for the debate are #Debates & #Denverdebate. Both the Romney and Obama campaigns will be tweeting during the debate.

xBox Live Election: You can use your xBox to participate with real-time polling using controllers.

Peel app: You can use this social tv app on your smartphone or tablet to cheer or boo candidates. You can also use this app to donate to both campaigns.

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