Hostess bankruptcy: No more Twinkies

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Rhonda Diamond remembers the days she used to eat Twinkies.

"We used to have that in the afternoon with milk and it was like a three o'clock snack home from school. They had the Hostess Cupcakes with the chocolate and the white icing on the top."

But the days of enjoying the yummy treat could be gone.  The makers of Twinkies, Wonder Bread and Hostess Cupcakes, say they are closing plants due to a nationwide strike.

A walkout began after Hostess said they would cut workers' wages and benefits.
Adriana Sinot, Rhonda's co-worker at Palmetto Elementary, is also sad about the news.

"I heard that on public radio on my way to work this morning and I really felt bad because it's another source of work and so many people will be out of work. But also it kills many memories."

Adriana sees the economic impact of the decision."I hope they will reconsider the bankruptcy and they can find a solution because so many people will be out of work. This is not going to be sweet for anybody. These workers so close to the holidays and no money."

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