South Floridians try to get their big break on Broadway

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Young actors from South Florida head to New York City every year to join competitors from around the world who want to get their break on Broadway.

But no big break on Broadway comes without back-breaking work. 

"People always say you're like living the dream. You're like trying to be an actor in New York. And I'm like, that's not really a dream. It kind of like be a nightmare, a lot of times," said Nick Ciavarella. 

Ciavarella left sunny Jupiter for New York, and faces a battle every day. But he refuses to give up.

"If I went to every audition and got upset that I didn't get cast in every single one of them, I would last like one month here," he said.

Monday at 11p.m., see the full story on WPTV NewsChannel 5, right after Steven Spielberg's hit new drama show "SMASH."

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