'Zombie' bite attacks continue? Carl Jacquneaux bites chunk from man's face in Lafayette, Louisiana

LAFAYETTE, La. -- As talk of the 'Zombie apocalypse' continues to swirl in light of several cannibalistic attacks, another face-eating fiasco out of Lafayette, Louisiana has emerged.  

Carl Jacquneax, 43, was arrested over the weekend after allegedly biting off a chunk of another man's face.

The victim, Todd Creduer, and the suspect got into a confrontation over a domestic issue, according to ABC affiliate station, KATC .

Creuder told KATC he was working in his backyard when Jacquneax showed up and bit into his face.

The victim says he got away by spraying Jacquneax with wasp spray.

The suspect then reportedly went to another victim's home, held the person at knife-point and stole a gun.

He fled the home, but police were able to find him and arrested him.

The incident remains under investigation, but police believe the behavior may have been spurred by illegal narcotics. An unidentified friend of Creuder believes the suspect was high on bath salts.

Creuder is in the hospital, recovering from the attack.

Jacquneaux faces charges of aggravated burglary, simple battery, violation of probation, aggravated second degree battery and violation of protective orders. He remains behind bars with a $312,500 bond.

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