George Zimmerman website, TheRealGeorgeZimmerman, launched to fund legal fees in Trayvon Martin case

The neighborhood watch volunteer who shot Florida Teen Trayvon Martin is asking for donations.

George Zimmerman, who said he shot Martin in self-defense on Feb. 26, has launched a website called "The Real George Zimmerman," warning supporters about groups falsely claiming to raise money for him. Zimmerman's site also solicits donations for his lawyers and living expenses.

Benjamin Crump, the attorney for Trayvon Martin's family, says it's not fair.

"If the situation would have been reversed, Trayvon Martin would have been arrested day one, hour one," Crump said. "This situation with the website now and everything is a luxury that Trayvon Martin doesn't have and we believe he never would have had."

Meanwhile, the special prosecutor overseeing the investigation said she will not send a case against Zimmerman to a grand jury.

Crump said that's fine.

"We look at her not impaneling a grand jury as a positive thing, because that means she either feels she's gonna have enough evidence gathered from her investigation to affect to waive probable cause to arrest the killer of this unarmed teen," Crump said.

Zimmerman's lawyers and a friend confirmed the authenticity of his website.

In it, Zimmerman also says he cannot discuss the details of the shooting, adding the facts will come to light.

The friend says the solicitation for funds does not mean that Zimmerman expects to be charged.

As for members of the Martin family, they also has a website raising funds to support their legal efforts.