Ellen Roberts

Ellen Roberts is leading the two-member prosecuting team in the John Goodman DUI trial. She has been with the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office for 26 years and has headed the Traffic Homicide Unit for the past 18, where she has been exclusively prosecuting traffic homicide cases.

Roberts is a former stay-at-home mom who went to law school in her late 30's. During her time at the PBC State Attorney's Office, she has prosecuted more than 60 traffic homicides and has been a driving force behind tracking down convicted felons who flee the country.

One of he most notable cases involved a 1996 crash where five teenagers were killed. Nicolas Copertino was speeding with seven teenagers in the back seat of his car when the crash occurred.

Along with prosecuting in the courtroom, Roberts has helped make changes on the legislative front in Florida -- most notably the law that allows prosecutors to charge a defendant for the death of an unborn baby.

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