New research says it's ok to be a little overweight

Extra weight may not be bad, according to study

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Is it ok to be overweight? A study was just released by the Journal Of The American Medical Association. The association studied three million adults considered overweight or  obese. The results - being heavy doesn't shorten your life. And people are already weighing in on the study.

Diana Kaufman said, "Surprising to hear that borderline obesity would help you health wise." 

Bill Neylon, owner of The Fitness Edge told us, "I think it might give people a license to eat more."

Lila Risteveska, an Ultima Fitness trainer said, "Your body needs to have a buffering effect if you are having some stresses in your life."

Saint Mary's Medical Center registered dietician Stacey Silver says this latest study was based on body mass index or BMI between 25 and 30.

"Basically saying that people who are overweight may not be at risk for for premature death. However BMI does not take into account other factors such as lean body mass, so you have somebody who has more muscle and less fat which makes them way a little more differently than someone who would have maybe more fat, " said Stacey.

Stacey says there is more than just focusing on your BMI. Instead focus on healthy lifestyle changes. "Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, it does not take into account family history or what you might be predisposed to, it's still important to take into account lifestyle changes, " said Stacey.

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