New Miami Marlins baseball stadium brings parking pain

MIAMI, Fla. - The first boos at Marlins Park had nothing to do with the way the Marlins were playing.

"I don't think they planned enough parking," said Marlins fan Nicole Roberts.

The new stadium seats 37,000, but there are only 5,700 new parking spaces.

The only parking lots actually on Marlins property are for pre-paid customers, employees, and media.

"People are parking everywhere, on the side of the street, at people's houses, it's crazy," said Roberts.

Gone are the days when the Marlins played at Sun Life Stadium, when you could drive from Palm Beach to the ballpark and not build in time to park.

Some told NewsChannel 5 they paid $25 to park at an off-site, fly-by-night lot.

Others got creative.

"We actually parked away from here. We had someone drive us over, and it was perfect," said Peter Medvin.

Matt Farquhar of West Palm Beach put up with the craziness to see a historic game. But he says the $50 spaces he saw on the way in could be reason to make fewer trips back to the ballpark.

"You're paying money to go to the game. Then you've gotta pay fifty dollars to park. You're not going to want to come here to spend a hundred dollars to go to the game by yourself," said Farquhar.

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