Nemo storm, blizzard update: Palm Beach International Airport flights delayed due to winter storm

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Andrew and Pavithra Follett are ending their two week vacation and heading back to Philadelphia.

Andrew said, "Right now we are about an hour 40 minute delay. I called right before I left, and everything was on time, then we pulled up here and I asked the gentleman when we checked in and we found out the first delay. So hopefully when we get down there we don't hear about it anymore."

Their delayed flight could be challenging since they are traveling with 9-month-old Maddox.

Pavithra said, "I packed his toys, snacks for him but not enough diapers probably." 

The Folletts decided to spend their time eating at an airport restaurant.

From their table they watched as dozens of passengers found out flights were either canceled or delayed.

But it wasn't bad news for all flyers.

Joe O'Boyle and his family said they were able to catch a flight out of Philadelphia bound for Florida-- just in time.

"We had to keep our eye on the weather and we got out early enough that it was still raining in Philly, supposed to turn into snow later. So we got out in time and she had her first flight, left the cold and came to the warm." 

It's an idea Andrew Follett says he and his family may be warming up to. "Going back to the snow, and might be getting stuck here at the airport. I am thinking about going back to the beach."

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