Neighbors at a West Palm Beach apartment complex say they're being invaded by bugs

SUBURBAN WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Neighbors at Phoenix Apartments in Suburban West Palm Beach off of Stacy Street say there are bugs in their apartments that won't go away.

"My daughter's entire body is covered. I even threw out my bed and my couch because they were infested," Demilia Gates said.

Gates' neighbors say they also have bugs inside their apartments.

"I have bites on my arms and chest. No one will do anything about it," neighbor Gabriel Brown said.

According to a woman who works at the complex who did not give her name, the units were sprayed for bugs. But residents say it didn't work.

"It is beyond gross because they are living off of our blood," Gates said.

The unidentified woman who works at the complex told neighbors they are working on the problem and that they suspect older furniture could be the reason for the infestation.

But Gates says her furniture is new.

"I just bought the couch. The bugs are coming from the building," Gates said.

Residents say they have contacted the health department.

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