Suspect at WMAR, Baltimore TV station, in custody

UPDATE:  TOWSON, Md. (AP) -- A county official says police took a suspect into custody about five hours after he rammed a truck through the front of a Baltimore-area television station.

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz says officers captured the suspect inside the station late Thursday afternoon.

Kamenetz says the suspect was not injured. He says the suspect was mentally ill and has been taken for treatment.

Police Chief James Johnson says it's clear the suspect suffers from "emotional or mental health issues."


The ABC2 news station in Towson, Maryland is currently a crime scene, and has been evacuated.

A school near the station is currently on lockdown.

According to reporter Brian Kuebler at WMAR, a person rammed the station lobby with a landscape truck around noon today.

The suspect is potentially armed.

Kuebler tweeted that he saw the suspect screaming "let me in" and saying he is God.

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