WATCH: College students play epic prank on professor

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Sure, we might be a week late and few dollars short, but this April Fool's prank is too good to pass up.

Students at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Mich. gave their Macroeconomics professor a taste of his own medicine by subjecting him to a bit of embarrassment.

At the center of the joke is the professor's "no cellphone" policy; if your phone rings in class, you have to answer it on speaker.

But this time, when a female student was forced to listen to the caller relay extremely personal medical information to the entire class, it was the professor who looked traumatized.

We don't want to reveal too much. Check out this epic and horribly awkward April Fool's prank for yourself.

Watch the video below. Mobile users watch here --

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