Wan Goh, suspected gunman at Oikos University in Oakland, described as 'not particularly remorseful'

A nursing student expelled from a small Christian university and upset about being teased over his poor English skills opened fire at the school, going from room to room in a rampage that left six students and a secretary dead, police said Tuesday.

He's identified as 43 year old Wan Goh.

He forced the secretary into a classroom at Oikos University in Oakland on Monday, told people to line up and, when some didn't cooperate, began his shooting spree, police Chief Howard Jordan said.

He is being described as "not particularly remorseful".

Authorities say he was upset with administrators and students at the college.

Goh was expelled from the school earlier this year for reasons that weren't immediately clear.

All the victims with the exception of a secretary at the school were students at the university.

Chris Clackum, NBC NewsChannel, contributed to this report

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