Wade Boudoin: Man arrested for impersonating police officer, carried water pistol

Kenner, LA (WGNO) -- A Kenner, Louisiana man has been arrested and charged with impersonating a police officer.

Investigators say a driver he'd pulled over became suspicious and dialed 911.

"He been, oh man, he been bucked around here man," neighbor Billy Lewis said. "He been doing it ratchet round here."

Billy Lewis says many in his cozy community have grown used to Wade Boudoin's shenanigans; but passersby and others new to the neighborhood have been rolling right into his web of deception.

"Oh man, everybody think, your neighbor a police, across the street. No man, he ain't no police. He want to be one," Lewis said.

Police say the Kenner man was caught in the act Monday impersonating a police officer.

Detectives say Boudoin waved a flashlight to stop a female driver.

"He said that he had her on radar speeding through the neighborhood," Kenner Police spokesman Sgt. Brian McGregor explained. "He threatened to take her to jail; he also indicated that he'd have her take a Breathalyzer test and so forth."

The driver then called Kenner Police.