Violent Stockton, California, police chase ends with 3 dead

Hostage, 2 suspects killed

(CNN) -- A wild bank robbery chase that saw two hostages thrown from the getaway car and suspects spraying bullets ended in a gunfight and three people dead in Stockton, California, police said Wednesday.

Two suspects were killed by officers but not before the robbers fatally shot one hostage, police said.

The other suspect was wounded in the gunfight.

The chase began about 2 p.m. at a Bank of the West branch in Stockton. Three suspects took three female hostages from the bank and stole an employee's SUV.

"I noticed that the front (door) of the Bank of the West opened slowly," Jose Maldonado told CNN affiliate KOVR. "Three guys had three guns and had the guns to the hostages' heads. They were petrified. Their faces were white. They were so scared," Maldonado told the station.

Officers chased the car. One hostage was thrown from the vehicle, police said. She had been shot and was taken to a hospital.

The chase continued as the suspects fired from the car, which was racing along Interstate 5 and State Highway 99, known as the Golden Gate Freeway.

The chase ended in Lodi shortly after a second hostage, who had a non-life threatening gunshot wound, was thrown from the car.

Officers exchanged gunfire with the suspects.

"It sounded like five minutes of straight gunfire," Sam York told CNN affiliate KCRA. "It seemed like it wasn't real."

When police saw no one moving in the SUV they moved in. They found three dead -- two suspects and one hostage. The third wounded suspect was hospitalized.

CNN's Artemis Moshtaghian contributed to this report.

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