Vigil held for Colorado teen killed in movie theatre shooting

AURORA, Colo - As the names of all 12 victims who lost their lives during the movie theater shooting were released, a community gathered at Gateway High School to remember 18-year-old AJ Boik.

Hundreds gathered on the football field to pray, hug and cry together wearing Boik's favorite color - purple.

Friends say Boik was a baseball player who was involved in band and art class while at the high school.

School administrators say Boik had planned to study art, and become an art teacher. He had taken higher level art classes while in high school.

Friends say Boik was at the theater with his girlfriend when he was shot and killed. Now, the community is trying to understand what happened.

Sheri Ames said she came to the vigil to support Boik's family. She cried, saying, "Eighteen years old, I mean, life's just beginning. You know, there's just no fairness. At all. It's just not right."

Mariah Farrow was shocked by the news. She says she attended the same high school, and frequently enjoyed the Aurora Mall theater. She says the theater was a place for good memories, but the event has been a horrific shock.

"You just never think that it can happen so close to home. Somewhere you've spent countless times at. It just, it blows my mind," she said.


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