VIDEO: Watch all 135 space shuttle launches at one time


(EndPlay Staff Reports) - Anyone who has been able to watch a space shuttle launch knows it's a breathtaking spectacle to behold. The launch is a perfect combination of science, machinery and magic, and it bring an emotional response to many viewers.

Now, curious viewers can watch more than 30 years of history-making launches all at once. A video compiled by artist McLean Fahnestock shows all 135 of NASA's space shuttle launches in just less than four minutes.

According to one reviewer from , Fahnestock's compilation "ably captures the drama, power, and danger of our ascent into space."

The video, dubbed "Grand Finale," starts with simultaneous countdowns from all the launches, starting with STS-1 in April 1981 and ending with Atlantis in July 2011. The video respectfully deals with the Challenger's failed launch in 1986 by subtly fading the video and highlighting the audio.

Fahnestock said she was inspired to create the video by thinking "shared experiences through video."

"This was about the same time that they announced the end of the space shuttle program," she said in a comment at "The idea started forming – since there is a finite number, what if I could show them all. I made it as a tribute but also as a way to bring awareness to the changes in the way we as a country are approaching space travel."

Fahnestock's video was considered a finalist in video-sharing site Vimeo's Festival and Awards Remix catergory. The site challenged artists and filmmakers to create a new clip with "images, sequences or audio from existing works to make a new, original, independent piece."

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