VIDEO: Small plane makes emergency landing, crashes on Texas highway ramp

The pilot of a single-engine plane made an emergency landing on a highway ramp in Arlington, Texas Friday afternoon, and it was caught on tape.

It's almost surreal.

Witness Sean Short said, "When you're driving in a road you don't expect for a plane to be coming out of nowhere."

Short shot a video of the plane touching down in the grass median.

Off screen, we're told the landing gear then clipped the highway ramp's barrier wall and the airplane crashed directly into a black pickup truck.

Richard Dutton, the driver of that truck recalled, "It just opened up the side of my truck like a Coke can. Trying to get onto 20 to get out west. My buddy yelled, 'look out!' and I'm looking in my rearview mirror because no one was ahead of me. I'm thinking someone is trying to blow by me in the other lane and I caught the plane coming in my peripheral, and I looked and my knee-jerk reaction of course was to turn away from it. And as I turned it looked like he tried to kick the plane out and so we both went right. And the wing went over, I thought I'd cleared it. And then the second wing went right in the windshield. It came through, broke off and went right down in front of my chest."

Nearby James Hawley heard all the commotion, "I saw the tail of the banner falling between houses over here. Ran out from my house and picked it up 'cause it was all over the place. This thing is a good sixty to seventy feet long."

He dragged this giant "Geico" ad into his yard for safe keeping.

"It's just something you don't come home to every day," said Hawley.

Christopher Cook with the Arlington Police Department said, "The pilot's okay. He's in good spirits, he was up talking. He wishes he wouldn't have hit anything. He was doing his best to try to get in the field."

The driver of the truck credits his air bags for saving his life.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the accident.