Vic Vickers' dog pushes owner's leg, floors car into creek

Colorado Springs, CO - A driver is blaming his dog for sending his car out of control and crashing into a creek.

All dogs are excited to go to the dog park. Gio just tried to get there a little faster, jumping on 91-year-old Vic Vickers accelerator.

"There wasn't anything I could do...he's on my foot and the car going like heck."

Vickers shot from his parking spot through this fence, towards his beloved bear creek dog park.

"I thought holy gosh...I managed to pull my wits together to turn."

He careened down this road towards the creek.

"I was thinking that I would surely be able to get it stopped before going that far, but I couldn't."

"He's still on my foot, we're accelerating, not slowing down."

"Next thing I knew I'm in the creek."

"I just thank the lord I'm here because I missed a tree that was 10 inches in diameter, if I had hit it, I wouldn't be here."

Amazingly, only a few scratches on Vickers arm are the only injuries between the pair.

"He's a little buddy."

And besides, what's a wrecked car between friends?

"I love him and it's not his fault he didn't know what he was doing...and after he got on my foot I didn't know what I was doing."

He does know where he'll be tomorrow...bringing Gio back to the dog park.

Courtesy: CNN News Source/KRDO