V. Stiviano avoids the media by wearing a large, reflective mask

Donald Sterling's girlfriend clearly did *not* want to talk to the media on Monday.

V. Stiviano, that is her legal name, was seen wearing  a reflective mask as she ignored reporters' questions.

Her boyfriend is taking a lot of heat following racist comments attributed to the Los Angeles Clippers owner.

The source: audio recordings recently released by TMZ and Deadspin.

In them, a man believed to be Sterling scolds his girlfriend for posting photos of herself with African-Americans on Instagram.

The man also says he doesn't want the woman bringing any black people to games with her.

In response to the recordings, about a dozen Clippers sponsors have pulled sponsorships.

The NBA has scheduled a news conference on the issue for 2:00 pm (eastern) today (Tuesday).

So far, Sterling has not commented publicly on the scandal.

The team's president has said the statements on the audio do not reflect the values of the Clippers organization.