Twin boys, 7, thwart carjacker: one punches him in the face, the other hit him with a rubber snake

SAN ANTONIO - Twin boys from Texas are getting national attention after police said they helped fight off a carjacker on Thursday.

Lucia Lozada put her 7-year-old twins and their 1-year-old brother inside the family car when she realized she forgot a baby bottle in the house.

She went back inside to get it, and when she came back outside, she saw a man she recognized from around the neighborhood get into the car and take off with all three kids.

"Lucia saw the man before he took the car," Herminia Segovia, the children’s grandmother, told ABC News .

"She recognized him from around the neighborhood and even waved to him. Before she could do anything he jumped into the car and drove away."

Lozada called police, but within 10 minutes, the boys were able to get the carjacker to pull over.




The kids were dropped off in a neighborhood nearly 10 miles away from the home and police said the twins played a big role in winning their freedom.

"One of the boys was punching the man in the face; the other was hitting him with a rubber snake," Sgt. Javier Salazar of the San Antonio Police Department told ABC News .

"They got a snake yesterday from the store. I didn't want to buy it for them but I guess God knew that he was going to use it today," Lozada said.

Segovia said she was relieved the carjacker wasn’t interested in keeping her grandkids.

"The boys told me that the man just wanted the car. He even shook their hands before dropping them off, and let them keep their tablet," said Segovia.

Although the suspect is still at large, police feel confident they will find him because he has frequented the neighborhood in the past.

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