Trash the necktie and get Dad a membership to one of these clubs

Manly clubs make unique Father's Day gifts

If the standard wallet or collared shirt as a Father’s Day gift isn’t cutting it anymore, it’s time to go to the next level and sign Pops up for an of-the-month club.

Here are some of the best, most manly clubs we could find.

Dollar Shave Club
Price: $1 to $9 per month
Unless the father in your life is a lumberjack or NHL player, chances are he shaves regularly. The aptly-named Dollar Shave Club offers various plans that send members a new razor each month.



Golf Ball of the Month Club
Price: $12.58 (sleeve) to $36.91 (full box) per month
Birdie-Life’s Golf Ball of the Month club sends its members either a single sleeve or a full box of new brand name golf balls each month, according to its website. The service will also send dad a golf towel and tees in his first shipment.

Mystery Tackle Box
Price: $15 per month
For the outdoorsy dad, Mystery Tackle Box is a service that sends new fishing lures and tackle to its members each month. The service claims to be perfect for beginner and expert anglers, with each package also containing a card that explains information about each bait in the box.

Craft Coffee of the Month Club
Price: $19.99 per month
Is the dad in your life a caffeine connoisseur? Each monthly package from Craft Coffee includes four ounces of premium coffee from three different roasters, totalling 12 ounces every month. The service offers various grinds including whole bean and french press.



Bacon of the Month Club
Price: $39.66 per month
A pricier membership, Bacon Freak’s monthly delivery club claims to send thick slices of gourmet bacon to its member’s door each month. Bacon is just about as manly as it gets, making it a perfect gift for any father. The club offers standard, pepper free, nitrate free and gluten free memberships.

Salami of the Month Club
Price: $12 to $32.50 per month
If bacon isn’t your dad’s favorite meat, maybe he’ll salivate for the Salami of the Month Club. Portland-based Olympic Provisions offers a dozen different salamis “crafted from all-natural northwest pork using Old World techniques,” according to its website. Members can choose to receive one to three salamis each month.



Omaha Steak Club
Price: $69 to $119 per month
Omaha Steaks offers several monthly clubs for fathers that live to grill. Every month, the company will ship a selection of meats, ranging from prime rib roast to filet mignons and even lobster tails.

Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club
Price: $24.95 to $33.95 per month, plus shipping
Most dads will appreciate a 12-pack of beer arriving at their doorstep every month. The Beer of the Month club has been in operation since 1994, offering microbrewed beers from either American or International makers, depending on the club you join. Each shipment includes four different beer styles, three bottles of each and a newsletter with suggested food pairings.



Taster’s Club - Whiskey of the Month Club
Price: $83 to $199 per month
If the dad in your life has a discerning whiskey palette, the Taster’s Club will be a perfect gift. On the expensive side, each shipment includes a 750 milliliter bottle of bourbon ($83 per month), scotch ($94 per month) or pro scotch ($199 per month), depending on your choice. New members are automatically enrolled in the club’s Whiskey 101 course.

Julibox Cocktail of the Month Club
Price: $36 to month
While Julibox currently only offers single month gift subscriptions, their club is one of the most unique. The dad in your life will feel like James Bond or Don Draper when learning how to make two different mixed drinks every month. The service sends members a “world class cocktail recipes and all the spirits and mixers you’ll need to make them,” according to Julibox’s website.



Cigar of the Month Club
Price: $20.36 (four cigars) to $34.95 (eight cigars) per month
For the fathers that enjoy lighting up a fine stogie at the end of a long day, the Cigar of the Month Club from Cigars International is a choice gift. The club offers two plans -- four or eight cigars each month -- shipping a variety of “aged, premium cigars” from around the world, according to their website. A newsletter accompanies each shipment, providing details on the smokes inside.

Playboy Magazine
Price: $19.95 per month
Do we really need to explain why dear old dad might enjoy this monthly delivery? A classic since 1953, a Playboy subscription has been on men’s wish lists for more than 60 years.

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