Tornado threat high in Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi and other parts of storm-rattled midwest, south

EVANSVILLE, IN - After one day of recovery, parts of the U.S. could see more tornadoes and severe weather on Friday. 

Forecasters say a line of storms could impact areas from Louisiana to Illinois.

That's bad news for people who are still reeling from Wednesday's bout of bad weather, in places like Kentucky.  

"It was quiet... and then, all at once, it was really loud," said Nancy Countzler, who lives off of highway 176.

Countzler said she knew something was wrong when her cat was acting up.

"I called her, tried to get her to go into the den at the back of my house, and she wouldn't come to me," said Countzler. "She went under the bed and she's never been afraid of a storm."

But this tornado was no ordinary storm. In fact, Countzler said she hasn;t seen anything like it since she moved in 1963.

"Things started flying and I couldn't even see the house up above me," she said. "I mean, everything was in the air, it was hitting in the garage."

The National Weather Service reports 11 tornadoes hit Kentucky on Wednesday.

Fortunately, no deaths have been reported. 

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