Toni Jones: Woman uses her own handcuffs to subdue carjacking suspect Daniel Ray Dodson

An Oklahoma woman took the law into her own hands, after a man tried to steal her car in a parking lot.

The handcuffs hanging from Toni Jones rearview mirror aren't just for decoration.

They might have also helped save her life.

"I'm yelling help, help, somebody help, call the 911," Jones recalled after she was attacked in a parking lot by a man hoping to steal her car.

But she had other ideas.

"He wasn't getting my car, he wasn't getting my car it didn't matter the cost," she said.

With the help of her sister and another shopper, Jones grabbed the man and pinned him down.

"I reached up, grabbed my handcuffs. I handcuffed him and I said you will not move," Jones recalled

They waited for police.

Now, the suspect, Daniel Ray Dodson, sits in jail.

Jones, the daughter of a sheriff's deputy, has a simple message for other women, "Please, please keep your guard up. Don't let it happen to you."