Toddler twins died four days after mother's wedding

CENTER TOWNSHIP, Ind. - They were born together, and four days after serving as flower girls in their mother’s wedding, they died together.

Those are the heartbreaking details surrounding the drowning deaths of 2-year-old twin sisters Shaylyn and Jocelyn Spurlock in the small town of Center Township, Ind.

"We had a wedding (April 5) and it's ironic that the same church the (girls' mother) was married in... is where the girls are going to have their funeral one week later," said their grandfather, Jim Conley. "Saturday is going to be rough for us all."

Conley remembered his "angels" as being inseparable from one another.

"One thing about them, they were never, ever apart -- if one walked off, the other one would catch up," he remembered. "We brought two beds to the house and they would only sleep in one."

Conley described it as "cruel irony" that the desire to be by one another’s side may have played a role in their deaths.

He said the girls were watching their favorite TV show at their home Tuesday night while his ex-wife sat in the other room while the girls' parents were out running an errand. Somehow the twins managed to get out of the house and then wandered over to the swimming pool two doors down.

Dearborn County authorities said the 2-year-old girls were reported missing just before 7 p.m. Tuesday.

At about 8:15 p.m., a neighbor found Shaylyn and Jocelyn in an above-ground pool. They were lying unresponsive in a collection of water that had gathered on top of the pool’s cover.

"I was in my yard with my husband," recalled Heather Bressert the night after the incident. "A couple of firemen and my husband noticed something in my neighbors’ pool. While we were walking down there we quickly figured out what we saw was a small child."

Bressert said she ran to the pool after the grim discovery was made.

"I ran, picked one of the little girls up and brought her up to a fireman and started CPR," she said. "Another fireman jumped in the pool to pick up the other little girl."

The girls were eventually taken to Dearborn County Hospital where they later died.

Conley said his daughter, Bryeanna Conley and her husband, who moved to the area about a month before the accident, are "excellent parents."

"My daughter and son-in-law are great parents. The children were loved, they were all loved and we miss them dearly the good parents."

And now the two girls who spent every night together the same bed will spend eternity with one another.

"They're going to be buried in the one coffin with angels on it because they always liked angels,” Conley said.

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