Today Show video: New Jersey man puts child in washing machine during game of peekaboo

Authorities are searching for two people in New Jersey after video at a laundromat shows a man placing a young child into a washing machine.

It was earlier reported that the man was the child's father. But NBC NewsChannel reports he is actually a friend of the child's babysitter. The child's grandmother told that the boy was with his babysitter when her male friend put him inside.

According to , authorities said they don't believe the act was criminal and are now speaking with the boy's mother.

The video, which was featured on the Today Show, shows the boy being placed into the washing machine and becoming trapped.

The terrifying ordeal began during a game of peekaboo, the Today Show reported.

The little boy was tossed around in the machine.

He was taken out by a store employee. Witnesses told the boy had a few bruises but he was laughing and seemed to be fine by the time his parents took him home.

Watch the video below:

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