Thieves steal $8,000 worth of X-Box One gaming systems in armed robbery at GameStop

Indianapolis (WXIN) -- Police are looking for two men in connection with an armed robbery at a GameStop.

Police say one of the suspects came in and shopped around the store on 86th and Michigan Rd. just before 10 p.m. Monday. He stopped at the counter to ask about the merchandise. A second man came in with a revolver.

Hasan Alkutbi was out with a friend shopping for a video game, when one of the men walked up to the counter and pointed the gun at the clerk.

"During the first five seconds, I did not believe it. I thought it was a joke," said Alkutbi. "We were just paying and leaving. The next thing you know, this guy walks in with a gun."

The first suspect pulled out his semi-automatic pistol. Together, the men tied up four workers and four customers in the back store room.

Alkutbi said he and other victims waited for 40 minutes in the dark. The 19-year-old said it felt like hours.

"I didn't know if he was going to shoot somebody or not, if we were going to live or not," he said. "Is it really worth doing all that for $8000? It's not worth it, especially on a holiday."

The thieves took 15 Xbox One gaming systems, some cash, and an employee's wallet and cell phone. Alkutbi said an employee with a knife was able to cut everyone loose after the men left.

The Police have made no arrests and are requesting assistance finding the men.

Suspect #1 is an African-American, possibly mid 30's, 5'6," with no visible tattoos, wearing a black hooded jacket, black jeans, black jacket and black skull cap.

Suspect #2 is an African-American, roughly 6'2," possibly mid 30's, with no visible tattoos, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt underneath a full tan in color "Carhart" style winter work suit. This suspect also wore what appears to have been an all-black Atlanta Braves baseball cap. He carried a black and gray Adidas gym bag.

Call 317-262-TIPS if you have any relevant information about this case.