Taranza McKelvin Jr.: 5-year-old from South Bay will appear on 'Ellen'

5-year-old Taranza McKelvin is practicing his steps for Wednesday's performance.
"I've been practicing with the other drum majors, and dancing with my brothers," said Taranza.
That's because he'll be making his national debut on Ellen, Wednesday evening, to air on Thursday.
"I'm excited about it, it feels good to be big time because now everyone knows my name," said Taranza.
The Glades Day student became a hit last month, after leading  the Glades Central marching band on the field during the Muck Bowl.
He's been the talk of the town ever since.
"It feels awesome and makes me feel like a Rockstar," said Taranza.
Getting a haircut, dry cleaning his clothes. All of this coming as he gets ready to be on national television.
"I'm just looking forward to him having fun, I want him to go out there and show the world that he loves to dance and do what he does most," said Katisha McKelvin.
And for Taranza, he's just ready to take to the field one last time this season.
"At the end of the day, I'm ready for Wednesday and I'm ready for Ellen," said Taranza.
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