Study: The best, worst car colors by resale value

Yellow, orange outpace more popular paints

The used car business may be suffering from its own version of the Hipster Effect.

In a recent study analyzing the effect of a car’s color on its depreciation value, the results show that its best to go with what’s least popular.

The study from showed yellow and orange as the best colors when it comes to the depreciation rate of your ride. Meanwhile, the bottom of the list is full of the most common car colors such as black, silver and white.

According to Forbes, white and black are 2014’s two most popular paint choices among autobuyers, but have 5-year depreciation values of 33.7 percent and 34.4 percent, respectively. Yellow, the eighth most popular color, boasted a 26.2 percent depreciation rate.

Put into financial figures, a yellow car with an MSRP of $20,000 would be worth $1,500 more after 5 years than the average car, according to Their study looked at over 20 million used cars of all colors of the rainbow, from model year 1981 to 2010.

If orange is the new black, maybe yellow is the new white.

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