Stepson Michael J. Ray charged with stabbing stepfather Brian Schmidt on Father's Day

HAMILTON, Ohio — A St. Clair Township father of three was found dead Sunday and his 18-year-old step son has been arrested for his murder.

Brian Schmidt, 36, was found stabbed to death in his home on Weeping Willow Drive on Father's Day, according to Butler County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Lt. Michael Kraft.

"There was a disagreement among family members," Kraft said. "Unfortunately it has lead to a tragedy."

Schmidt's step son Michael J. Ray was at the house when the deputies arrived, and promptly taken into custody. He was taken to the Butler County Jail.

Samantha Stewart is engaged to Schmidt's son Brian and she said she came to the scene as soon as she heard there was trouble.

"My sister called me," she said. "One of her friends drove by and noticed there were cop cars in front of the house, and they knew Brian's dad lived there."

Prior to the stabbing, Schmidt had been coaching his Coby's baseball game.

"He had a great time," said Candice Maloney, whose son is on the team. "We did win. Coby had a great game."
"He had the best coach in the world-his dad," she said.

Investigators are still looking for a motive to the stabbing. Officials have not released any additional details at this time.

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