Stephanie Davies, Allie Young Today Show spotlight: Two tell amazing survival story in Aurora

AURORA, Colo. -- Two young women who survived the shooting met with President Obama on Sunday.

They have a remarkable story of survival as a young woman credits her best friend with saving her life.

"It's every child's worst nightmare. Of being in the dark and you have the bad guy come out to get you," Stephanie Davies told 7NEWS Monday.

She was with her friend Allie Young when the gunman entered the Aurora movie theater and opened fire.

"There's smoke. There's explosions. There's blood. There's death. There's guns being fired. And there's bats flying on the screen because the movie was still on," Davies said.

And amid the chaos, Allie Young realized she been shot -- hit by two bullets in the neck.

"There's an explosion," Young said from her hospital bed with Stephanie at her side. "I remember opening my eyes. I'm on the ground, blood everywhere."

Allie urged Stephanie to flee. But Young's friend stuck by her side.

"She puts her fingers over my artery, when my carotid artery exploded. She puts her fingers over there," Young said, placing her own fingers on her neck.

After what seemed like a lifetime in the dark, Stephanie carried her friend across two parking lots to an ambulance.

"She saved my life, which is always going to be emotional for me," said Young. "We both survived, which is more than I could have asked."

Stephanie added: "And it's something we'll grow through together."

Their story was featured on the Today Show Tuesday morning.

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