Star Princess: Did cruise ship ignore fishermen drifting at sea?

Only 1 of 3 survived

RIO HATO, Panama (AP) -- A Panamanian fisherman who saw his two friends die from exposure in an open boat after more than 16 days at sea says a big ship passed but kept going despite their signaling for help.

   Two Americans aboard a cruise ship in the same area believe they saw the fishermen adrift at sea and they alerted the crew, but the luxury liner continued on its course.

   The company that owns the Star Princess cruise ship says it is looking into whether the crew ignored the fishermen's signals that they needed help.

   Adrian Vasquez was the only one to survive, after 28 days adrift in a boat.

   In an interview with The Associated Press on Thursday, Vasquez said of the cruise ship: "Instead of helping us, they left us."


   Associated Press writer Jeff Barnard in Grants Pass, Ore., contributed to this report.Star Princess: Did cruise ship ignore fishermen signaling for help?