Sophia Stockton, a college student, finds cocaine inside textbook she ordered from

OLATHE, Kan. -- A Kansas City-area college student who ordered a textbook from an online retailer for one of her classes inadvertently purchased a book in drama, mystery and crime.

Sophia Stockton, a junior at Mid-America Nazarene University in Olathe, bought a textbook, "Understanding Terrorism: Challenges, Perspectives and Issues" through for a spring course on terrorism.

On Monday, as Stockton was flipping through the pages of the book, she discovered a bag of white powder had fallen to the ground.

Fearing the bag was anthrax, she took it to the Gardner Police Department the following day.

"I told them white powder was in my terrorism textbook and so I put it on the table and they're like, ‘oh, okay,' And so he went back and tested it," Stockton recalls. " He comes back and says, ‘you didn't happen to order some cocaine with your textbook, did you?' And I was like, no!"

Police believe there may have been up to $400 worth of cocaine in the bag. They are investigating where it may have come from.

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