Siblings get 35 years: Dougherty trio plead guilty to bank robbery and firearms charges

VALDOSTA, Ga. -- The Dougherty siblings looked much different walking out of a Valdosta courthouse, than when they robbed a bank here in August 2011.

They were bound in hand-cuffs Monday after learning their fate.

They were found guilty on all charges related to the Valdosta bank robbery... part of a crime spree that started in Florida and ended with a shootout in Colorado.

Ryan Dougherty, Lee Grace Dougherty and Dylan Dougherty Stanley were each sentenced to 35 years in jail.

All three pleaded guilty to the bank robbery and firearms charges.

Captain Bobbi McGraw with the Valdosta Police Department said, "I think a great justice was done today and a message was sent out to society and to the nation that our society is not going to tolerate this."

In court Ryan Dougherty protested the judge's decision, calling it rash... but Senior Judge Hugh Lawson wasn't having it.

He said it was a miracle no one was killed.

All three have already received jail sentences in August for the crimes committed in Colorado.

But that jail time will be served simultaneously with the 35 years they received Monday.

They still have at least one more court appearance, to face charges for shooting at a Deputy in Florida during a high-speed chase.

Once the siblings are out of prison, they will have five years of supervised release.